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Date: TBC

Gates Open: 1100 hrs

Engine Run: 1330 hrs

Engine Run at Coventry Airport

Tickets: £10 Adv, £15 on Gate

12-16s: £4 Adv, £5 on Gate

U12s Free!

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Live Engine Run - Coventry Airport

Come and See Avro Shackleton WR963

We aim to organise one public event per month, including our atmospheric winter "Dusk Runs".

Click Tickets for advanced Admission, limited On-board Seats and the exclusive VIP.

WR963, MR.1 Cockpit, Airborne Lifeboat, Nimrod XV232, Merchandise Shop*.

Raffle supported by Old Growler - the smooth Porter.

The Light Apron Café will be open all day.

*Cash-only on the day, sorry.

Running Order - Standard Events

  • Gates Open

  • A Spot of Lunch

  • Make Some Noise

  • Draw the Raffle - win some Old Growler!

  • Have a Go with a Griffon

  • Discuss, Reminisce and Browse the Shop

  • Put WR963 to bed

  • All subject to serviceability


Have a Go with a Griffon!

Get your hand on the throttle of 2,500 Horse Power - Click Tickets for details

This is the view, thanks to Phil Cain.

Turn on the sound!

Future Events... Dates for Your Diary

See Facebook for updates

Direction Sign WR963

How to Find Us:

  • Entry point and on-site route is changeable, due to ongoing construction work

  • Click colour-coded map below and check social media on the day for updates

  • If using Waze, search for: "Avro Shackleton WR963" or "Shackleton Aviation Group"


  • Blue Route (primary) - Enter airport via gatehouse off Rowley Road at CV3 4FR

  • Don't be put off by the barrier - just say you're visiting the Shackleton

  • Follow road to right then left, looking for "Cafe" signs and yellow "WR963" arrows

  • Turn left just after coach park on your left, towards hangers and double gates

  • Sharp left before gates, following "Almat Flying Academy", with fence on your right

  • Follow sharp right at the end of fence and park in the car park at the far end

  • Green Route (secondary) - Enter airport via Bubbenhall Road, Baginton CV8 3AZ

  • Follow road round to left, looking for "Cafe" signs and yellow "WR963" arrows

  • Turn right in front of coach park, towards hangers and double gates

  • Sharp left before gates, following "Almat Flying Academy", with fence on your right

  • Follow sharp right at the end of fence and park in the car park at the far end

  • WR963 is accessed on foot, via the double gates in the fence to the right

  • Our volunteers will guide you through and into our cabin for check-in

  • See Flying In page if arriving by air

Route 051121.webp
Nightshoot 12 Dec 21 (Plane Richie).jpg

Absolutely glowing at the spectacular Threshold 

Nightshoot Finale, 11/12/21 (Plane Richie)

963 Evening Pete Curran Nov 21.jpeg

Catching the evening sun after the bitterly cold Engine Run, 27/11/21 (Pete Curran)

Stirring a Griffon (by Steve Williams)


We’ve welcomed our guests

And checks have been done

The crowd holds its breath

The ground power’s ON!


A glance all round

Three fingers displayed

A whirl of the hand

And the starter’s ENGAGED!


A labouring drone

And a cough of white smoke

A whistling tone

As the charger AWOKE!


Spitting out flame

With a vicious hiccup

Magnetos to blame?...

Or will it PICK UP?


A popping, banging splutter

Shakes the whole frame

“Come on you b*gg*r”

Or some other NAME!


Blades stutter and stop

Untidy – in vain

Three fingers aloft

We’ll try that AGAIN!


Easier this time

As blades become blurred

With revs on the climb

This Griffon has STIRRED!

If you have any poetic contributions, please send them to us!

The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Ancient Greek: γρύψ, grū́psClassical Latin: grȳps or grȳpus;[1] Late and Medieval Latin2] gryphes, grypho etc.; Old French: griffon) is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and sometimes an eagle's talons as its front feet. Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts, and the eagle the king of the birds, by the Middle Ages, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature. Since classical antiquity, griffins were known for guarding treasures and priceless possessions.[3]  (Wikipedia)


 However, we find the Rolls-Royce version is a better fit on the Shackleton.

Looking Back

Goblin and Griffons Oct 2020
SAG Engine Run Aug 2019
SAG Members Day 2018
SAG Dusk Run Dec 2018