Avro Shackleton WR963 Taxi

Our membership club, Friends of WR963, was established in 1997 to foster a unique memory of the Avro Shackleton and preserve living aviation history for future generations. 

The membership can be in anyone's name, so why not gift it to a loved one?

Objectives are to:

  • Preserve WR963 as authentically as possible

  • Maintain WR963 in a taxiable condition

  • Ensure WR963 is accessible to the general public

  • Promote and display the history of WR963 and the Shackleton fleet

  • Support and encourage other aircraft preservation societies, especially other Shackleton groups

  • Raise funds for the further restoration of WR963, to ensure her legacy is preserved for future generations

  • Encourage like-minded people to work together towards a common goal

WR963 Shackleton Patch

Benefits of Membership

  • Complimentary "WR963 Shackleton" Logo Patch for new Friends

  • Free entry to one exclusive, Friends-only Event per year

  • 10% discount on merchandise purchased in the Cabin Shop

  • Exclusive access to the Shackleton Aviation Group's Work Diary

  • The opportunity to get hands-on with WR963 as a Volunteer

Payment Methods

  1. £1 a month via our Monthly Plan* (UK only). Runs indefinitely, unless cancelled by payer.

  2. £15 for a year via One Year (£17.50 for overseas Friends)


How to Become a Friend

  1. Click on the payment method of your choice below

  2. Complete your application details

  3. Await your membership card, which will be dispatched upon receipt

  4. Welcome aboard!

Monthly Plan - 2 Steps, see below*

£1 per month

1 Year's membership

£15.00 / £17.50

*Step 1 - The first time you use the Monthly Plan, you will be invited to Register.

 Step 2 - When you receive the acceptance email, you can complete your application. Thank you.