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WR963 "Ermintrude"

Brand New 1954 - Note Turret!

North Weald 1991 (Brian Johnstone)

Airfix based their recent kit on WR963

Over Illustrious

Luqa 1965

Taxi Right

RAF Valley

On Finals

Bomb Bay Open (David Kavanaugh)

Ready and Waiting

At Coventry

Growling! (Cameron Sys)

VP293 "Zebedee"

Kinloss 1961 (Dave Welch)

West Freugh July 1974 (Iain C MacKay)

Strathallan 10 June 1986 (Chris England)

West Freugh July 1974 (Iain C MacKay)

And the rest?

It's not Gold afterall (Pete Curran)

"...I do remember VP293's visit (to West Freugh) that wet July day (in 1974. See pictures above)...

I was asked to do a "turnaround" check with the other groundcrew personnel and we discovered that the main undercarriage oleo seals on both sides had ruptured and the aircraft was declared AOG. After several frantic telexes to Farnborough, it was decided that VP293 would be flown back to Farnborough "wheels down". To that end, the aircraft was placed on jacks, Station Workshops provided special sleeves to place over the oleo legs, held in place with, of all things, Jubilee hose clips, all to dimensions supplied by Farnborough and she successfully flew out the next day. Memories, memories."

Iain C. MacKay

Airborne Lifeboat

It'll soon be shipshape