Cabin Shop

We inherited the Cabin Shop and some of its furniture from previous owners, Classic Air Force. At first it was functional but not particularly welcoming or practical.

In 2019 a local company donated some office furniture and we took the opportunity of a complete revamp. The Check-in desk was relocated from next to the entrance door to the opposite end. Visitors can now see Check-in as they approach and no longer have to queue in the rain! An added advantage is that you can browse the merchandise as you await Check-in.

The whole space was decluttered and completely rearranged, making best possible use of what we had and getting rid of unnecessary items. Placing all cabinets and shelving against the walls and just a round table in the middle resulted in a more spacious feel and a more welcoming environment.

We hope you agree, but you'll have to pay us a visit to see the finished result!

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