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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

While normally most aviation groups focus heavily on their aircraft and quite rightly so. We thought that some of you might wish to see what else goes on behind the scenes. How our infrastructure is changing and what you ma expect to see on future visits.

What is soon to become a once familiar sight to Shackleton Engineers and Aircrew as well as those from other aircraft. Line/Rects Control.

We have decided to bring back a little history from the engineers perspective, that can also be useful to our volunteers in preserving and maintaining the aircraft.

Normally on a Squadron there would we be two separate desks/areas for Line Control (For those in charge of the operation and movements of the aircraft) and Rectifications Control "Rects" (For those in charge of aircraft maintenance and repair).

With our group being so small and us only operating a single aircraft, we have the luxury of combining the two areas into one.

Over time we will be building this little corner of our cabin up to best represent times gone by, while also being functional for our own purpose.

Currently we have our aircraft state board on the wall giving us brief up to date information on the condition of the aircraft such as fuel load, faults and how many hours have been run.

Next to that we have the GSE (Ground Support Equipment) board, providing us with location and servicing information on our various equipment.

Between these we have our two clocks. One tells us our local time and the other tells us the time in Zulu (standard time zone for all aircraft paperwork).

In the foreground you will see a small desk/racking. That contains our F700, the aircraft maintenance log book. Here we record all maintenance, faults, aircraft running and refuelling etc.

Finally to the right on the walls we have our crew signing in sheets, aircraft servicing checklists and engine run/taxi passenger safety brief/checklists.

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