#3 Engine Fine Tune

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Engine #3 received some attention and a little tweak prior to Decembers dusk run.

On one of our spare Magnetos you can see the gaps in the points (Green Arrows) and the x2 blue securing screws (Yellow Circle)

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Before the Members day engine run earlier in the year. We changed the Magneto Points on #3 due to finding them worn beyond limits on the engines last servicing. Once changed they were adjusted to what was believed to be the correct spacing. After the Members Day run we realised that the spacing was not entirely 'on point' so needed a small adjustment.

Sam and Gareth adjusting the points prior to the run

Prior to Decembers dusk run, we jumped back up on #3 and re-adjusted the points to between 0.2 - 0.25mm. This was done by removing the top cover via x6 bolts. The engine is then rotated by hand with all switches, fuel cocks and power off and as one of the twelve lobes of the cam goes under the heel of the points it opens them. At this point we stop rotating the engine.The two blue point securing screws are slackened and the points adjusted, tightening the two screw when the gap is set. The run was carried out successfully with #3 running as it should.

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