Standing Tall

After the Christmas and New Year break, i decided to use some spare time to get through to the aircraft and get some work done.

Getting there proved eventful along my 1 hr 30 min journey, breaking down en-route. Once on site i was able to change over our Nitrogen Bottles and replace them with some new full bottles. Special Thanks goes out to one of our supporters Energas for their continued support and supply of Nitrogen.

Moving these bottles by hand on your own is one massive workout on a chilly winters day.

With the new bottles fitted to our Nitrogen Trolley, i set to work re-inflating the undercarriage legs and getting the old girl to stand proud once again. With the colder weather as with most things the legs contract, seals get looser and gas escapes. Without constant topping up its inevitable the legs will lower the aircraft. So to take into account for this expected continued change in temperature, the legs got there gas and a little more than usual.

Considering the Temperature, the legs are holding pressure well and looking much healthier.

We do have a little leak, which will be monitored and rectified on the next visit. Although on initial inspection, it looks to be residue from when the legs were at their lowest position allowing fluid to slowly escape past the seals.

A little bit of fluid leakage, most probably from the seal when sat at its lowest position.

Now shes all refilled, she has finally got her proud stance back. Once again looking towards the skies she will one day return to.

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