Preserving the Shackleton Legacy
Avro Shackleton Mk.3 at Gatwick (Michael Snow)

© Michael Snow

Now that the Shackleton's military service has come to an end, it's inevitable that their numbers have diminished drastically. With the few remaining, only surviving due to the hard work and dedication of like-minded volunteers, working at museums and collections to keep these iconic aircraft for future generations. 

We at the Shackleton Aviation Group endeavour to work with these groups and individuals, sharing information and experience to keep these aircraft for years to come. 

Telling the Story
Avro Shackleton WG556 and crew (Sarah Burton)

© Sarah Burton

Each and every person that came into contact with the Shackleton over its service career has a story to tell.


No matter if they were Pilot, Crew, Engineers or any other of the list of non-aircraft trades. Everyone had an equal part to play in the safe and effective operation of the Avro Shackleton in its numerous service roles. 

We wish to preserve each of these stories so that future generations can learn and understand what it was like to live, breath and work with these aircraft.

If you have a story to tell, please get in touch via Contact Us