A complete tour of the aircraft interior and exterior, including cockpit access where you can see for yourself the complex equipment required for the aircraft's Cold War role, including the radar stations, galley and crew rest area, and much more!


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To enable these tours we have to work closely with the Airport authorities as we are now part of the 'Live' side of the airfield now that "Airbase" has closed.


This means we have to escort ALL visitors on site at all times and only permit access to the aircraft when we have volunteers present on site.


Our guided tours will commence at 11am and 2pm on these days, when we will have a team member at the small gate in the fence, next to Hangar 6 to allow you access. 

Tours take place on a Saturday except under special circumstances. 


Children under 16 get a free tour with a paying adult.


When purchasing a tour or seat on an engine run, you will be provided with a list of upcoming available dates.

Please see our Contact/Find us page for directions.

WR963 is a vintage 1950's aircraft and has been kept original, so access within the aircraft can be difficult for some. 

The aircraft is parked on firm ground within the grassed area as indicated, and is accessed via the rear crew door via a set of metal steps with hand rails.
Once inside, views to the rear section show how the fuselage narrows towards the tail, which can be viewed by crawling across the tail spar.
Forward of the crew door, we pass through the crew rest area which has bunks and a full galley area, before entering the Crew Station area.
This has two wing spars across the walkway corridor. They vary in height up to approx 3ft, but have stepped access either side, and are padded. Various hand hold points allowed crew to move inside during flight, and these can be used by visitors on the ground too of course.
Once past the Crew Stations, the cockpit area is visible. The Flight Engineer sits on the right hand side just behind the Pilots with his own workstation. Radio Operator to the left. The Pilots sit on two seats higher up in the cockpit for increased visibility, and again have hand hold points to allow access.
Below and forward of the cockpit is the Forward Observers / Bomb Aimer / Forward Gunner position which is accessed by ducking down between the two Pilot seats.
Once on the flat floor below, the internal space suddenly increases apart from the Forward Observer / Gunner position which is accessed by climbing up onto the seat position. This position has an excellent view forwards both in-flight and on the ground, and is actually ahead of the Pilots.

During your visit, our experienced Tour Guides will be able to advise and assist if required at all times with access inside the aircraft. 

Outside the aircraft, there is plenty to see including the impressive Bomb Bay and rather large undercarriage too! This is all on firm well-drained ground on grass.

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